Helpful Tips

  • Be prepared! Research the apprenticeship or traineeship you are interested in.
  • Be enthusiastic about your chosen preference, you will need to show commitment to either a 1, 2 or 4 year traineeship/apprenticeship.
  • To register with TORGAS is FREE and we don't take anything out of your pay.
  • The more work experience, the better! Make sure it is all on your resume.
  • Resume template is available on the TORGAS website to help prepare you with your resume.
  • Think about who you put down as your referees. Do they know they are your referee?
  • Don't expect the wages will be high; an apprenticeship/traineeship is "Earn while you learn".
  • TORGAS is not a jobfind agency, we assist people in completing their trade and all trades have a standard and an expectation to meet.

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