Northern Switchboard Solutions has been using TORGAS for the last 10 years. We have found TORGAS to be a valuable asset to our business. It allows us to focus on the job of training quality apprentices knowing all the necessary paperwork and monitoring is being carried out by a professional organisation who specialise in the apprenticeship market. TORGAS carry out their service at an economical cost which we cannot match internally ourselves. TORGAS has a genuine passion to see the apprentice complete their chosen field on time with the required qualifications. We at Northern Switchboard Solutions have no hesitation in recommending TORGAS services to other host businesses. 

Tom Birt
Managing Director
Northern Switchboard Solutions

Since studying business classes at school, I knew that this was the industry I wanted to get into. I applied with TORGAS once I finished year 12 and was successful in gaining a traineeship in Business Administration. Throughout my traineeship, I was fortunate enough to be moved up in to the recruitment department and saw a whole different aspect of administration. My work skills have developed extensively as I started with no experience in administration at all, let alone in recruitment. It wasn’t easy but I gave it my best and worked hard to show my full potential. I know it has paid off because I have become very confident and organised in what I now do. TORGAS were a great support throughout my traineeship and I would definitely recommend TORGAS to anyone looking to do a traineeship or looking to put on a trainee.”

Rebecca Winton
Certificate III in Business Administration 

MTU Detroit Diesel Australia Townsville has used TORGAS exclusively for 7 years, after many years of endeavouring to direct employ apprentices and train them to our standards ourselves, we tried TORGAS and have never looked back. TORGAS take control of all PPW, training requirements, compliance issues, safety issues and if the need arises, corrective action. I have no hesitation in recommending TORGAS, they take the hassel out of this important part of business and provide the best quality candidates, ready with any certification required for our business. This leaves to get on with the business.

Neal Rose
Branch Manager
MTU Detroit Diesel Australia- Townsville 

I first heard about completing a School Based Traineeship at school and decided to follow up on it. Sixteen months later I have successfully completed Certificate II in Hospitality Operations and am extremely glad I found out more about it. This traineeship has given me the chance to expand on my knowledge of the hospitality industry and has provided me with excellent skills and training. I am truly grateful that this experience was available to me and I would like to thank TORGAS Inc. for their wonderful help and support throughout my traineeship. I would not have been as successful without them. I would advise other students to take up this great opportunity.

Nikki Hancock
Certificate II Hospitality Operations

We approached TORGAS because we were looking for additional apprentices and did not want the inconvenience of managing the recruitment process.

TORGAS managed the process from interview to selection and provided a shortlist of quality candidates based on our needs and expectations. Outsourcing this task allowed us to continue the focus on the day-to-day operations without disruptions.

I would recommend TORGAS to any business that does not want the hassle of managing the recruitment process. 

Tonya Kyle
General Manager
Markwell Group

Former Bowen High School student is enjoying every moment of his TORGAS electrical instrumentation fitter and maintenance systems apprenticeship with host business Xstrata Bowen Coke. "TORGAS has made it easy because they handle all my paper and administrative work, I get regular visits from their Field Officer and working with Xstrata opens up all sorts of opportunities in my fields".

Dan Morris
Electrical Instrumentation Fitter and maintenance Systems Apprentice 

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