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Harassment, Discrimination & Bullying - What should I do?

If there is anything that is happening in your place of work that makes you feel uncomfortable with working there, or if there is behaviour occurring that you find intimidating, you should immediately contact your Field Officer.  

As your legal employer, TORGAS has a duty of care to make sure you feel safe and comfortable in your work environment. You should be aware that TORGAS will not tolerate any form of Harassment (including sexual) or discrimination or bullying of any kind while at work or at a function organised or approved by TORGAS.

To get advice or to make a complaint contact your Harrassment Officer or Field Officer on:

Townsville: (07) 4759 0000 
Bowen & Mackay: (07) 4786 7000
Cairns: 0400 749 675
Brisbane: (07) 3434 3000


Toll free 1300 655 199

Please see below the TORGAS Harrassment, Discrimination & Workplace Bullying policies and procedures.

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