A message from the TORGAS General Manager

Thank you for visiting the TORGAS web site and I hope you found the information for which you were searching.  If not, please give the TORGAS reception a telephone call on 1300 TORGAS and our helpful staff would be delighted to assist you.

TORGAS has assisted thousands of people over its 30+ years to find apprenticeships and traineeships and for many businesses and families, TORGAS is now serving second and third generations of apprentices and trainees. This is a wonderful achievement to have made such a difference to the lives of so many. If you are looking for an apprenticeship or traineeship, please contact us for an interview.

Of course such an achievement does not happen without the support of Host Businesses.  These are organisations with a vision for the future and who know that through their interest, encouragement and support of apprentices and trainees, the region, the State and the Nation will continue to have a skilled work force in years to come.

TORGAS is the “apprentice and trainee specialist” so if you are a business thinking of starting an apprentice or trainee, TORGAS staff are very keen to meet with you to discuss the complete, quality service we offer you and the apprentice or trainee. TORGAS takes the hassle out of every aspect of starting and hosting an apprentice or trainee, from recruitment, to the training, monitoring, mentoring and eventually successful completion.

I encourage you to become a member of the special group of businesses that create employment opportunities for people and which play a significant role in Regional, State and National economic and social development. TORGAS Host Businesses are special organisations with heart and soul.

As a testimony to the quality of service TORGAS provides, one of our Host Businesses said, “TORGAS – the best decision I ever made”.

Bronwyn Wheldon
General Manager

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